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Self-evaluation, Part 1

Self-evaluation, Part 1

I’m a big fan of taking the ball and running with it.  I’m not actually an arrogant person, but I try to play a confident one.  You can’t lead and be wishy-washy.  Sorry, it’s just not possible.  You can be respected without being absolute, but you won’t be a leader if you can’t make a … Continue reading

Quick Thoughts

  • Outcomes.  Evaluate the process?  Check.  Communicate clarifications?  Check. Continued negative outcomes?  Accountability.  Che- - uh oh.
  • Can Marissa Mayer turn around Yahoo!'s sprawling, outdated, failing model?  It's a milestone appointment of a CEO and I'm glad to see it.  I'm more excited to see if she can reinvent Yahoo!  I feel like I'm viewing a relic when I go to Yahoo (about twice per year, if that).  Remember when Yahoo! and AOL ruled the world?  Me, too.  In college.  About 15 years ago.
  • zero tolerance for nurse bullying? Consider yourself a leader or future leader.

Welcome! I want to provide insight into my experiences in becoming a Nurse Leader. I’ve stepped back from direct patient care to develop my skills as an Educator, creative talents and leadership qualities.

You were educated and trained to provide impeccable patient care. Once we leave the bedside, we need to shift our focus and see that this has prepared us well in knowledge and critical thinking, but we need to understand the expectations. I want to examine both concrete skills and developmental qualities that lead to success.


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